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Dirt from the Road with Brett Newski

Jan 29, 2024

Wisconsin's most revered comedic human Charlie Berens hosts Brett Newski on his Cripescast podcast live fromo the Cripescast studios in Milwaukee. This first aired last week on Charlie's channel. 

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Jan 22, 2024

Parker from SOCIAL CIG goes over to Newski's house to chat about Tik Tok fails, cloning yourself, booking US tours DIY, why you should get a dog.

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Jan 16, 2024

Violent Femmes drummer John Sparrow and Brett Newski sit down at John's home in Milwaukee, WI.

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Jan 8, 2024

We Are Scientists Keith and Chris team up with Brett Newski to discuss star-struck moments, finding dead bodies, Noel Gallagher encounters, Dave Grohl brain analysis, band meltdowns on stage, & touring with Arctic Monkeys.

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Jan 1, 2024

Annie Hart and Newski team up in NYC! Annie chats touring with Fred Armisan, Brazil touring, Japan tours, staying motivated, living an artist life with kids. 

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